Wazuu Acquired by Strategic Global Investments

Strategic Global Investments, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: STBV) recently acquired a controlling interest in Wazuu, Inc., a Florida-based company that owns the social media website www.WaZuu.com and other social media websites.  
Strategic Global Investments has contracted with Lee Schwuchow, who founded www.WaZuu.com six years ago, to continue to develop the WaZuu, Inc. sites.
WaZuu.com is a social media site that promotes clubs, bars, restaurants, radio stations, video gaming and churches as well as other venues by providing live streaming video from their location to the WaZuu.com site. Users can socialize with each other through WaZuu Chat, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and other social media outlets that are integrated into the WaZuu environment.
Strategic Global Investments, Inc. is a Carlsbad, Ca-based diversified investment firm with ventures in real estate, social media and emerging technologies. 

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