Voddler Receives $8M Investment from Nokia Growth Partners

Voddler, a Stockholm, Sweden-based streaming video-on-demand service, has received an $8m investment from Nokia Growth Partners.
The financing will support the expansion of the company, which offers pay-per-view and free advertising-funded films and series to be watched on internet connected devices. It manages a catalog of 3,500 titles, with content delivered to over 850,000 customers in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.
Voddler is now developing solutions to show films on mobile devices including smart phones and e-readers, and on television sets with Internet connection.
Founded in 2005 and led by CEO Marcus Bäcklund, the company launched its service in 2009 as an invitation-beta, and then opened for the public in 2010. Investors include Equitec Partners, and Elisa OY.

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