UTILICASE Closes $5M Funding Round with Cycle Capital Fund I

UTILICASE, a Montréal, Québec, Canada-based provider of asset care optimization and IT solutions for power Utilities, has closed a $5m funding with Cycle Capital Fund I.
The funding, which is the last part of a $10m round concluded during the last six months, will allow the company to expand global commercialization efforts for its EPS-M, an asset management software platform designed to help power companies optimize and manage resources, and continue to develop innovative solutions in the IT and operation technology for power utilities.
Led by President and CEO Marc-André Forget, UTILICASE also houses a consulting arm that provides integration and technology management services to utilities.
The company operates offices in Toronto, Vancouver, and Winnipeg, in Canada and Hartford, CT, Sacramento, CA, and Redmond, WA, in the US.

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