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Promimic Raises SEK 10M in Equity Funding


Promimic, a Göteborg, Sweden-based biomaterial company that develops and markets an implant surface that accelerates osseointegration, has raised SEK 10m in equity funding.
Investors include Almi Invest, Karolinska Development and a number of business angels.
The company intends to use the funds to expand in Sweden and abroad.
Promimic’s HANANO™ Surface converts regular implant surfaces from biocompatible to osteoconductive, regardless of its dimensions and structure. The modification can be applied onto various types of substrates, including metals, ceramics and polymers.
Incorporated in 2004, the company uses a platform, which is based on research performed at Chalmers University of technology by the two founders Dr. Martin Andersson and Dr. Per Kjellin.