Bionanoplus Raised €600K from Inveready Seed Capital

Bionanoplus, a Noáin, Spain-based start up that develops polymeric nanoparticles and microparticles as controlled release drug delivery systems (CRDS), has raised €600k in equity funding from Inveready Seed Capital
The company, which also received €1.5m from public programs, intends to use the funds to launch an R&D service focusing on encapsulation of active molecules in polymeric nanoparticles and microparticles to enhance the effectiveness of biologically active molecules, drugs and other molecules.

Bionanoplus’ R&D activity covers pharmaceutical, personal care, veterinary and food markets.

The company was founded in Pamplona by Hesham Salman, PhD in Pharmacy from the University of Navarra, with the support of the Navarran European Business Innovation Centre (CEIN) and the participation of Start Up Capital Navarra. 

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