Zeo Receives $12.3M Third Financing

Zeo, Inc., a Newton, MA-based developer of in-home sleep tracking technology, mobile applications and sleep improvement programs, has received $12.3m in its third financing round.
Investors include the Best Buy Capital arm of Best Buy Co., Inc., iD Ventures America, and Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation and Trident Capital.
In 2009, the company introduced its first product, a consumer device (called Zeo Personal Sleep Coach) that enables people to track their sleep phases and calculate a daily sleep quality score. Zeo also offers highly personalized sleep coaching online and allows users to determine how their behaviors affect both the quantity and quality of their sleep.
The company recently launched an iPhone app and an open API, which enables personal sleep data integrations with other data-driven wellness programs such as DigiFit and DailyBurn.
Zeo is led by CEO Dave Dickinson.

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