Udemy, Free Tools to Create Online Courses

A fast and free service that enables users to teach and learn online, upload presentations, videos, host live classroom sessions and write articles.
This is Udemy, the “Academy of You!”, a San Francisco, CA-based start up that operates a platform that allows users to create a complete learning experience over the internet.
Its main features include:
– a content platform to publish videos, presentations, and articles;
– a presentation/video mashup tool;
– Udemy Live! to create and manage live virtual classes,
– other tools to interact including presentation-sharing, multiple live videos, chatroom and whiteboarding.
– tools to integrate the experience with Facebook, Twitter and connect with blogs to allow users to reach their audience.
The site currently include academic, business and professional, creative and performing arts, health and fitness, language lifestyle music technology and internet, test prep hobbies and crafts and games courses. 
Among others, in the business and professional category is possible to find a Startup Digest full guide to Raising Capital for Startups, which features top fundraising experts including Dave McClure, Naval Ravikant, and Adeo Ressi.
Co-founded in 2010 by Eren Bali (CEO) and Gagan Biyani (President), Udemy recently raised $1m in seed funding from business angels, who invested in companies such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Zynga, Playdom, Twitter and Yelp. They include Russ Fradin, Rick Thompson, Benjamin Ling, Keith Rabois, Larry Braitman, Naval Ravikant, Paul Martino, Josh Stylman and the 500 Startups Fund.
According to the company’s web site, Udemy is currently searching for web developers.

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