CHS Engineering Services Receives Expansion Investment from Maven Capital Partners

CHS Engineering Services, a Chelmsford, UK-based provider of condition monitoring and maintenance services, has received an expansion investment of undisclosed amount from Maven Capital Partners.
The company, which has a key focus on baggage handling systems and the protection of critical electrical and mechanical equipment, intends to use the funds to expand internationally, as investment in airport terminal infrastructure continues to increase in line with worldwide passenger numbers.
CHS has already won a number of overseas clients, including airports in Singapore and Sydney, and has developed a range of global relationships as part of a strategy for international growth.

Founded in 1985 CHS delivers management efficiencies for clients’ assets by providing a link between the supply chain, projects, maintenance and operations departments. The company’s services are designed to reduce failure rates and minimise system downtime, maintenance and spares costs, while maximising the lifespan of equipment.
Clients includes airport terminal operators such as Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted. CHS is also developing operations in the distribution and materials handling sector with clients such as DHL.


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