Sofie Biosciences Raises $2m

Sofie Biosciences, a Culver City, CA-based developer of agents and devices for the molecular imaging of disease, closed an additional $2m from new and existing investors.
The round includes investment by the Cycad Group.
As also stated by Patrick Phelps, President and CEO of Sofie, the company intends to use the funds for the development of new PET imaging agents and for enhancements to their PET imaging systems and chemistry units.
Sofie Biosciences’ novel molecular imaging agents are designed to enable more accurate diagnosis, treatment selection, and therapeutic monitoring of major medical disorders.
Sofie’s founders include:
– the inventor of the PET scanner and Chairman of the Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology at UCLA, Dr. Michael Phelps;
– the Director of The Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research at UCLA, Dr. Owen Witte;
– the Director of The Ahmanson Biological Imaging Division at UCLA, Dr. Johannes Czernin;
– the Director of the NCI Nanosystems Cancer Center at Caltech, Dr. James Heath.
Sofie has obtained an exclusive license from the University of California to a family of PET molecular imaging agents collectively referred to as FAC, which has been shown in preclinical animal research and early patient studies to have promise as a whole-body noninvasive means of determining whether a cancer patient will respond to a class of therapeutics known as nucleoside prodrugs. 

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