Limerick BioPharma Raises $3,585,000 in Debt and Equity Financing

Limerick BioPharma, a South San Francisco, CA-based developer of innovative therapies that help cells pump unwanted or toxic substances away from vulnerable tissues, has raised $3,585,000 in debt and equity financing according to a SEC regulatory filing.
In July 2009, the company had completed a $15m Series C financing with OVP Venture Partners, ARCH Venture Partners, and Sevin Rosen funds.
Founded as Limerick Neurosciences in late 2004 by seasoned industry scientific executives, and led by Wendye Robbins, MD, the company has developed proprietary compounds that are designed to enhance the safety profile of marketed drugs and expel excess lipid in metabolic disease states.
Limerick’s compounds, when used adjunctively with both marketed and investigational drugs, minimize toxic side effects at non-targeted vulnerable organs and tissues while maintaining or enhancing a drug’s desired effects.
The company’s pipeline molecules are applicable to a broad range of therapeutic drug classes including immunosuppressants, opioids, immunomodulators, selective estrogens receptor modulators, and psychotropics.

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