FinSMEs: Happy New Year!

Dear Friends,
Overall, thank you for having joined FinSMEs during 2010.
As you can daily see, I’ve been working hard to expand the reach of this blog to more professionals interested in news related to financing for SMEs
For me, this means to follow the path I have decided to walk: (dis)cover deals and bring them to you, day by day. It is not an easy task! It requires an active involvement, a big effort, and a continuous attempt to diversify FinSMEs from strong competitors.
Now, a new year and new challenges are coming. It is normal, I have some plans to improve FinSMEs, from technical stuff (I’m not actually a geek…) to content quality (why not?), quantity (more difficult), to its social dimension.
With your appreciation, I will try to do it.
Thank you and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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