Via Venture Partners Raises €134M Nordic IT and TLC Venture Fund

Via Venture Partners, has raised its €134m second venture fund, which will focus on Nordic IT and telecommunication companies with strong development and growth potential.
Via Venture Partners Fond II K/S, will invest up to €20m in single companies participating in private equity transactions and venture capital deals.
The firm’s first fund, Via Venture Partners Fund I K/S, was established in 2006 to invest in Nordic companies within the fields of IT, technology, service, content and telecommunication. It is a multi-stage fund and has made investments along the entire range of companies from very small companies without any revenue to larger buyouts.
ATP, Denmark’s largest pension fund, is the only investor in both Fond I and Fond II.
Via Venture Partners has offices in Hellerup, Denmark, and Stockholm, Sweden.

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