TechShop Raises $1.65M in Equity Financing

TechShop, Inc., a Menlo Park, CA-based company that operates a chain of workshops that provide members with access to tools, equipment, and supportive people in order to facilitate the realization of their projects, has raised $1.65m in equity financing.
According to a SEC regulatory filing, this funding is a part of a larger effort to raise $4m.
Membership-based TechShops is open, among the others, to inventors, makers, hackers, tinkerers, artists, roboteers, families, entrepreneurs, youth groups, arts and crafts enthusiasts and others.
They can access to a wide variety of machinery and tools including drill presses and band saws, milling machines and lathes, sheet metal working equipment, hand tools, industrial sewing machines, plastic and wood working equipment, Epilog laser cutters, electronics design and fabrication facilities, a Dimension SST 3-D printer, tubing and metal bending machines, electrical supplies and tools.
The workshops are currently located in Menlo Park, and in Raleigh NC, while the TechShop in Portland, OR, is moving to a new location, and will reopen soon.
In San Francisco, the facility is expected to open during this month while workshops in San Jose and Detroit will start operation in 2011. 
The company is currently hiring: ( 

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