Md7 Raises $50M

Md7, a Sa Diego, CA-based specialized real estate portfolio management company that identifies and develops asset optimization and expense reduction initiatives for wireless telecommunications operators, has secured $50m in new financing.
The company intends to use the proceeds from the capital raise to acquire rental streams associated with cell site leases through prepayments of rent to landlords.
Md7 helps wireless and wireline operators manage their infrastructure-related real-estate assets. It provides cell site lease services helping operators reduce their costs and improve the quality of their leases.
Through its lease prepayment programs, the company offers landlords an upfront cash payment in exchange for future rents. Such landlords in turn assign the cell site lease payments to Md7 for a specific term, while maintaining ownership and control of the leased property.
Md7’s European headquarters is based in Dublin, Ireland. 

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