UltraSoC Technologies Raises £2M from Octopus Ventures

UltraSoC Technologies Ltd, a Cambridge, UK-based pioneer of technology for embedded systems used in a whole range of electronic applications from automotive to consumer products such as mobile phones, has received a £2m investment from Octopus Ventures.
The investment will help develop the technology platform to a licensable product. This will involve the expansion of the technical and marketing capability in Cambridge.
UltraSoC, which was founded in 2006 by Dr Karl Heeks and Professor Klaus McDonald-Maier and spun out from the Universities of Kent and Essex in 2008, is developing UltraDebugTM an advanced debugging technology for multiple processor systems that will be used to debug the application software that provides the functionality and performance in modern electronic systems.
As electronic products get smaller and have more functionality this need for debugging becomes more challenging and currently these needs are not being satisfied by the incumbent technology.
In 2009 UltraSoC closed a seed funding round of £400,000 from the South East Seed Fund and Iceni Seedcorn Fund, which enabled it to open an office in Cambridge and progress the research work into a technology demonstrator.

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