UberCab Raises $1.25M in Funding

UberCab, a San Francisco, CA-based developer of an on-demand car service that allows users to have a private driver experience through iPhone, SMS, and web based requests, has raised $1.25m in funding.
The round was led by First Round Capital and LowerCase Capital, with participation from several business angels.
Investors in the company include David G. Cohen, Mitch Kapor, Alfred Lin, Scott Banister, Cyan Banister, Babak Nivi, Naval Ravikant, Jason Port, Shawn Fanning, Jason Calacanis, Mike Walsh, Oren Michels, and Josh Spear.
The next week, the company will discose how they intend to use these funds and what this means for their growth, team, and service.

UberCab Demo from UberCab on Vimeo.

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