Poptent Raises $3M in Series A Financing

Poptent, a Wynnewood, PA-based company operating a social network dedicated to crowdsourcing video, has raised $3m in a Series A financing round led by MK Capital.
The funding will allow the company to increase activity in the areas of sales, marketing and client support.
Poptent has also announced the hire of Andy Jedynak as its new CEO.
In addition to the hire of Jedynak, the company also plans to add several key sales and technology hires, expand its network of video creators and talented filmmakers, and make improvements to its website and systems. All of these initiatives are dedicated to increasing the company’s client base and building the strength of its crowdsourcing capabilities.
Poptent, which is designed to connect top brand advertisers and advertising agencies, has 20,000 independent video creators across the US and more than 80 other countries, They specializes in working with clients to develop high quality commercials and other video assets for both online and offline use.

Founded in 2007, the company has other offices in suburban Philadelphia, New York, and Chicago.



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