Orbotix Receives Funding from Foundry Group

Orbotix, a Boulder, Colorado-based company that works with consumer electronics companies and developers to bring phone controlled open devices to market, has received an undisclosed amount of funding from Foundry Group.
The start up, which graduated from the TechStars Boulder 2010 program, is creating a new game platform that combines common physical objects, smart phones, and a software marketplace. Its first product is a robotic ball controlled by a smart phone.
Founded by Ian Bernstein and Adam Wilson, Orbotix expects to get to a production level unit by the end of 2010 with product availability in 2010.
In addition to the physical hardware, Orbotix is creating an API layer that allows anyone to write software that controls the ball. The company is also planning to release a series of games for multiple players, including racing and sumo type games. 

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