Minteos Received Equity Investment from Pino Partecipazioni

According to local reports, Minteos Srl, a Turin, Italy-based company that produces natural hazards automatic detection systems, has received an equity investment of undisclosed amount.
The investment was made by Pino Partecipazioni, with support from IT veteran Mario Citelli.
Incubated in the Turin-based I3P, Minteos develops innovative products for environment monitoring and natural hazards detection.
They include the “Internet of Nature” line, which is a Wireless Sensor Network integrated framework designed specifically for nature applications. This can monitor the environment for pollution levels, lazard risks, fauna and flora health check.
The “NaturAlert” product line is the Internet of Nature application for real-time natural hazard detection.
Minteos’ systems are little autonomous wireless sensors that constantly monitor many areas. In case of danger of wildfires, floods or landslides, they send an alarm in few seconds to internet and mobile phones.

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