Iron Will Innovations Closes $3M Series A Funding Round, Raises Series B Funding

Iron Will Innovations, Inc., a Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada- and Palo Alto, California-based developer of innovative interface products, has closed a $3m Series A round of private funding.
This initial funding enabled the company to engineer, manufacture, and launch their debut product, the Peregrine glove, a device that users wear on a hand in order to control increasingly complex PC games and programs.
Iron Will Innovations has also opened a Series B round, with over $2m in private funds successfully closed thus far. The new capital will allow the company to expand marketing and distribution of the existing Peregrine product and prepare their next generation Peregrine glove which will open up other industries and applications.
In addition, Iron Will Innovations has announced a new management team. Brent Baier, founder and current CEO, will transition into a new role as CTO, where he will lead the development and evolution of the company’s product line.
Current COO Tim Barrett will become the new CEO and Dale Flint the new COO.

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