DiagnosisONERaises $5m from Edison Venture Fund

DiagnosisONE, a Nashua, NH-based developer and supplier of innovative Clinical Decision Support solutions, has received a $5m investment from Edison Venture Fund.
Proceeds from the financing will be used to expand the company’s sales, marketing and development facilites.
DiagnosisONE’s SaaS applications allow  customers in clinical and public health environments to collect data  from disparate sources, apply clinical evidence-based rules to those data, and deliver actionable information and recommendations to care  providers, payers and decision-makers at the point-of-care. They are designed to improve quality, safety and efficiency of patient care  while reducing costs of healthcare delivery.
DiagnosisONE’s customers include healthcare providers, hospitals, health plans, electronic medical record (EMR) vendors, systems integrators and governmental healthcare entities.
In conjunction with the funding, Michael Balmuth, Edison General Partner, and Zach Henderson, Edison Director Network member, joined DiagnosisONE’s Board of Directors.

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