BioAtlantis Raises €750,000

BioAtlantis Limited, a Tralee, Ireland-based biotechnology company, recently received a €750,000 investment from the Bank of Ireland Kernel Capital Fund.
The company, based in the Kerry Technology Park with processing facility in Kanturk, Co. Cork., is involved in the research, development and manufacture of plant biostimulants and animal prebiotics using molecules derived from seaweeds, with scope for future development of human nutraceuticals.
Its lead products are biostimulants, which are used for promoting plant health and growth, and GutCareTM, which represents an alternative to antibiotics in intensively farmed post-weaned piglets.
The funding will allow BioAtlantis to further research and invest in processing equipment that will bring GutCareTM and potential human applications to the market over the next 2 years. GutCareTM launch is based on supporting data generated in University College Dublin over the past 6 years. The data has been protected through the filing of 2 patents.
Trials for the product are expected to begin later this year in the poultry industry.


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