Worlize Secures Initial Funding

Worlize, Inc., a Los Angeles, CA-based user-generated social game and chat platform for social networks, including Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and OpenSocial, secured an initial funding of undisclosed amount.
The funding comes from private individuals, including Worlize’s newly named CFO, Greg Diller.
Currently in Private Beta, the company will launch its 2D platform public beta in early Fall 2010.
The Worlize platform will allow users to play and create their own areas and games. Worlize provides beginners with access to customizable plug-and-play games, including puzzles, time management and strategy casual games, card and board games, as well as massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs).
For advanced users and game developers, the company will release an API in late Summer 2010 to allow the creation of highly interactive areas and games.
Explaining the features of the platform, CEO and Founder, Brian McKelvey, said: “We feel users are tired of the restrictive and formulaic approach that social and gaming platforms have adopted. As with web pages or blogs, it is time users have the ability to define their casual gaming and social experiences”.
“Worlize breaks down the walls currently in place, redefining and enhancing online social experiences for users”, he added.

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