SongHi Launches

After having received venture funding from Veraventure Ltd, Optiomi Invest Ltd and a group of private investors, SongHi Entertainment has launched its social music making game that allows music lovers and players to create music in an easy way.
SongHi provides players with access to a free virtual studio with instruments in which they can create music by ear with only a click of mouse. 
Through a patented AI algorithms that recognizes key notes and scales and eliminates automatically the wrong ones, tutorials and musical tools, even people without prior musical specific knowledge can make tunes and songs. 
In addition, it is possible to create and style a star avatar. The platform has a wide selection of music related avatar items to choose from and players can have fun mixing and matching clothes and apparel aimed at portraying the image of different music genres.
With each completed song, the player receives more points and the rating and popularity on the service increases. Music can be shared across social media and uploaded to a mobile phone for playback, real-time mixing and using as a ringtone. On SongHi, users can invite their friends and become fans of other virtual or real-life artists.
According to Veli Palevaara, Marketing Director at SongHi Entertainment Ltd, “SongHi has been received stunningly well by people in several fields of business. 
“The first launch partner in Finland is Sony Music. More information about other collaborations will be forthcoming in the near future”, Palevaara added.

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