SoGeo Raises €1M from BlueBubbleLab

According to a written statement (read here), SoGeo, an Amsterdam, The Netherlands-based start up that provides a context aware platform for mobile and web, has secured €1m in funding from BlueBubbleLab.

The company is currently developing a location aware information sharing platform and API with social and community features, including a suite of mobile and web apps that interface with it.
This funding will allow SoGeo to continue to improve its product and introduce it to the market. It is targeting businesses providing them with a platform they can use to engage with their customers.
The company’s product allows users to explore places around them through their mobile. They can access location and event related content and receive suggestions based on contextual factors, such as their own location, time, likes and dislikes. The platform enables users to create new places or spots.
BlueBubbleLab focuses on Dutch digital media companies with services available in the market, a large international growth potential and revenues up to €5m.



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