Earth Capital Partners Launches $300M Fund to Invest In Sustainable Timber Plantations In Latin American Countries

Earth Capital Partners LLP, a London UK-based private equity firm, has launched  a US$300m fund aimed at investing in timber plantations and certain related assets in Brazil and other Latin American countries.
The fund will have a 10 year maturity and intends to invest in 6-8 projects. It seeks to generate solid non-correlated returns through ownership of productive land and fast growing sustainable timber capitalizing on the region’s unmatched biological conditions, human capital and other cost advantages.
The vehicle will benefit from ECP’s regional presence and ECP’s management team, which brings regional experience in private equity and plantation operations, led by ECP’s Head of Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry, Bosworth Monck.
Commenting on the fund, Stanley Fink, Chairman at ECP, was reported to say: “The Fund provides a vehicle for institutional investors to engage in forestry and biomass in Brazil and Latin America, which offer attractive returns coupled to strong sustainability benefits.
“ECP aims to reach a first close for this Fund later in 2010 and a final close in 2011”.

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