Where I’ve Been Raises Capital From Lightbank

Where I’ve Been, LLC, a Chicago, IL-based social travel network, one of the most downloaded applications on Facebook, has received an additional round of funding from Lightbank, the investment vehicle created by Groupon founders Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell.
Whereivebeen.com and its Facebook application, allow members to chart their past, present and future travel plans while discovering destinations and deals for their next adventure.
With this new infusion of capital, the company will aggressively expand its current user base of more than 9m registered users.
Launched in 2007, Where I’ve Been’s destination site and platform have been built around its proprietary back-end software, which allows users not only to capture their travel history and intentions, but also to share their maps and profile with their social networks.
Rob Solomon, Groupon’s new president and COO, sits on the company’s advisory board.

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