Hygeia Raises $1M

Hygeia Therapeutics, Inc., a Holden, MA-based company focused on developing topical therapies for conditions where localized treatment offers advantages over systemic therapies, completed a $1.0m round of Series A financing.

The company intends to use the proceeds to advance testing of HYG-102, its lead topical synthetic estrogen, and begin development of HYG-440, a topical anti-androgen.

Commenting on the funding, Dr. Yael Schwartz, CEO and co-founder of Hygeia Therapeutics, was quoted as saying: “We expect to complete HYG-102 proof of concept testing for vaginal atrophy and conduct preclinical proof of concept testing of HYG-102 for the reversal of age related skin thinning.
“Additionally, this financing allows us to begin development of HYG-440, our topical anti-androgen”.

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