EU, €35M to Fund 50 Eco-Innovation Projects

Within the framework of the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme, the European Commission has launched a €35m call for projects that turn environmental challenges into business opportunities.
Under the 2010 CIP Eco-innovation call, funds are available for new projects in the area of materials recycling, sustainable building products, the food and drink sector and green business practices. 
Priority will be given to applications coming from SMEs that have developed a green product, process or service that is technically proven but is still struggling to find its place in the market.
Through the call, which runs until 9 September 2010, the Commission expects to fund some 50 projects (up to 50% of costs will be covered). 
They will be selected on the basis of their innovative approach, their market replication potential and their contribution to European environmental policies, especially in terms of resource efficiency.
With a total budget of around €200m over the period 2008-2013, CIP Eco-innovation supports the first application and further market uptake of sustainable solutions that make better use of Europe’s natural resources. It is a green strand of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) and a dynamic contributor to the Environmental Technologies Action Plan (ETAP).

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