Thermalin Diabetes Inc. Raises $250,000 from JumpStart Ventures

Thermalin Diabetes Incorporated, a Cleveland-OH-based new biopharmaceutical company which is developing new insulin treatments for patients with diabetes, has received an investment commitment of $250,000 from JumpStart Ventures.

Built on technology developed by Dr. Michael A. Weiss at Case Western Reserve Medical School, the company’s patent pending compounds include rapid-, intermediate- and long-acting analogs.
With patents expiring on existing analogs in the next three to four years,  Thermalin looks to form partnerships with large pharmaceutical companies that wish to market innovative insulin therapies and plans to build a substantial new employer in Northern Ohio.
The funding will be used to validate the insulin analogs’ characteristics, secure a manufacturer, and move forward in the investigational new drug process with the Food and Drug Administration.

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