Reeis Secures $350,000 SBA 7A Loan from Wells Fargo Bank

REEIS, Inc., a Scottsdale, Ariz.-based company focused on identifying and executing the most appropriate package of energy efficiency improvements for homeowners, has secured a $350,000 SBA 7A loan from Wells Fargo Bank.
The financing was provided under the SBA loan guarantee program, which provides banks with extra security necessary to underwrite loans and free up capital for small businesses needed to begin hiring and expand operation.
The loan will allow REEIS to add as many as 25 – 40 permanent construction jobs and open a division in a new market in Riverside, Calif.
Working closely with local utility companies and municipalities, REEIS (an acronym for Residential Energy Efficiency Improvement Specialists) specializes in auditing and retrofitting homes to transform them into more energy efficient structures.
The company has developed an Integrated Solution process assessing construction defects in a home and fixing them.

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