Qualoria Ltd Receives a £18,878 Proof of Market Grant

Qualoria Ltd., a Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus (UK)-based company which specialises in producing innovative digital solutions to connect research, development and commercial organisations, has received a £18,878 Proof of Market grant.  
The Proof of Market research will be carried out by Inventya, a consultancy also based at Daresbury.
The grant is part of the Northwest Regional Development Agency’s (NWDA) Grant for Research and Development (GRAND Award).
GRAND is part of Solutions for Business, the UK Government’s package of publicly funded business support designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners introduce innovative products and processes, including research trials and product testing.
Within this framework, the Proof of Market Grant is available to help investigate the commercial potential where the technology is at an early stage.
GRAND is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) with £1.1m, together with £1.2m from the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA).

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