PresGlas Receives $550,000 in Mezzanine Financing

PresGlas, a Cambridge (Ontario), Canada-based supplier of compression molded noise control and thermal insulation components, has received $550,000 in mezzanine financing from Northbridge Capital Partners (NCP).
The company, a division of Camali Industries (NA) Inc., will use the funds to meet the increased and potential demand from existing and new customers. 
Major industries and markets served include off-road heavy machinery, specialty vehicle, trucks, buses, automotive, panels for office partitions, wall and ceiling components and a wide array of other related products and industries. 
Molded composites of various fibers, fabrics and plastics are developed in close co-operation with customers in order to integrate noise reduction, thermal management and high quality fit and trims.
PresGlas provides consistent products for global platforms and has a presence in all major markets and can support OEM’s worldwide.
This is the first deal of NCP, a private equity fund focused on funding management buyouts and growth opportunities with investments ranging from $200,000 to $1m.
The fund’s preferred market is manufacturing, processing, wholesale and distribution businesses located in Southern Ontario.

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