Delphi Optics Raises €750,000 in Seed Financing

Through a €750,000 seed investment received from High-Tech Gründerfonds, KSV GmbH and Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Schleswig Holstein GmbH (MBG), Delphi Optics GmbH, a Lübeck, Germany-based medical technology business, has developed its first product (a burns diagnosis system) and made it ready for the market.
The CS-Cam.burn optical system for diagnosing the depth of burns matured from a lab prototype to a pre-production model during the seed phase.
Six hospitals in Berlin, Vienna, Nürnberg-Süd, Halle, Lübeck and Hanover were signed up as partners during the concurrent clinical trial phase.
Their clinical application trials demonstrated that the system enables a gap to be closed in determining the depth of burns with a high level of reliability.
The CS-Cam.burn recognises different skin conditions (degrees of burn) and thereby enables objective and documentable diagnosis, as well as early determination of the therapy plan.
Commenting on the funding, Dr Caroline Fichtner, Senior Investment Manager at High-Tech Gründerfonds, was quoted as saying: “We are convinced above all by the medical benefit of this diagnostic system and are supporting Delphi Optics’ team to the best of our ability with their market launch.
“This also includes the raising of further capital, which is currently underway and Delphi Optics needs to set up its own distribution capacity as well as for further growth”

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