Arkayne Closes $1M Angel Funding Round

Arkayne, Inc., a Scottsdale, AZ-based developer of an interactive marketing software that helps businesses improve their online performance and content strategy, has closed its over $1m round of Angel funding.
The seed round was funded by seasoned technology entrepreneurs and investors, including the Arizona Technology Investor Forum (ATIF).
The company will use the infusion of capital, along with revenue from early enterprise customers, to fund its quickly growing team of technology, sales and marketing professionals, as well as build out the organization’s infrastructure.
Arkayne currently provides Plugin, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution which works by linking site visitors from one Web page to others within a single Web site, or a customer designated network of sites, by displaying links that are relevant to what they are reading.
This provides a more meaningful experience for site visitors, which makes them stay within single sites and networks longer, engage more, reduce the bounce rate and definetely create higher value and monetization.
In addition, this spring, the company will formally launch another product and an add-on to the Plugin, both designed for improving online performance.
The first is aimed at giving businesses visibility into their content strategy. The second provides site owners, including business Web sites and professional marketers, with the ability to monetize without the traditional advertising model.

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