1st Detect Receives $1.8M Investment from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund

1st Detect Corporation, an Austin, Texas-based company initially formed by Astrotech Corporation (Nasdaq: ASTC) to commercialize miniature-mass spectrometer technology first developed for the International Space Station (ISS), has received a $1.8m investment from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund (TETF).
The funds will allow the company to commercializeits portable mass spectrometer (the Miniature Chemical Detector), which is used to detect residues and vapors from a wide range of chemicals, including explosives, chemical warfare agents, toxic chemicals, and volatile organic compounds. 
In particular, the proceeds from the investment will be used to finalize product design of the chemical detector and market it to the security, healthcare, and industrial sectors.
1st Detect is currently partnering with The University of North Texas, which will supply expertise in product miniaturization, as well as developmental testing support.

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