Israel, Valtech Cardio Completes $17.8M Series B Financing

Valtech Cardio Ltd., a developer of minimally-invasive surgical and transcatheter mitral valve repair and replacement technologies, completed a $17.8m Series B financing.
Investors in the round included OXO Capital Valve Ventures LLC, NGN Biomed Opportunity II, L.P., and Peregrine VC Investments II, L.P.
Valtech Cardio’s technologies are designed to correct or significantly improve mitral valve function in ways that reduce or eliminate mitral regurgitation (MR), which is a serious heart disorder characterized by incomplete closure of the mitral valve.
As stated by Amir Gross, Founder and Chief Operating Officer COO of the company, the funding will be used to complete development and initial clinical evaluation of several products.
Valtech Cardio is based in Or Yehuda, Israel with a U.S. office in Waltham, Ma.

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