Finland, Pekkaniska Receives €14.5M Investment

Pekkaniska Oy, a company that rents and sells cranes and platforms, has received a €14.5m investment from Finnish Industry Investment, llmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company and the company’s principal owner.
As stated by Board Chairman Janne Niska, the new financing will enable the company to expand and develop its operations in Russia and the Ukraine.
Janne Niska also said: “Pekkaniska has consistently done everything possible to avoid laying off or sacking any employees because of the recession in Finland.
“Pekka Niska gave this promise in the early days of the recession in late 2008. The promise has been – and will continue to be – honoured.
“As a Finnish family-owned company, we want to preserve Finnish jobs in any feasible way, even though labour outside Finland would be cheaper”.
Pekkaniska Oy rents and sells platforms and cranes in Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Ukraine and Sweden.
The company has 35 outlets, of which 17 are in Finland, employing over 300 people and offering customers more than 7,000 platform hoists and cranes.
Pekkaniska also offers weather protection and haulage services, in addition to lifting equipment.

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