UK, £50M Research Centre Launches in Yorkshire

A new £50m UK-based research centre which aims to harness the research power to develop clean technologies and reduce carbon emissions, launches in London today.
The Centre for Low Carbon Futures (CLCF), which is a joint initiative between Yorkshire Forward and the region’s universities, has the target to translate combined research into business applications, and make easier practical application of low carbon technologies by providing businesses with a clear direction to increase investment, economic outputs and create jobs in a greener economy.
Regional development agency Yorkshire Forward has contributed £5.7m to the centre, which is led by the Universities of Hull, Leeds, Sheffield and York and draws on the strengths of all the region’s education institutions. 
Commenting on the launch of the centre, Director Jon Price, said: “The centre has a great opportunity to position itself at the forefront of developing practical measures to reduce carbon, on a regional, national and international level.
“This can be achieved through the practical application of product development from new low carbon technologies. It’s a unique conduit for the region’ academic and business communities to collaborate and deliver on clean technologies, providing a positive economic impact to the region”.
Tom Riordan, Chief Executive of Yorkshire Forward, added: “The Centre for Low Carbon Futures will put our region at the forefront of low carbon technologies.
“It will allow Yorkshire and Humber’s businesses to address low carbon challenges and access cutting edge solutions which will help them exploit the opportunities arising from climate change.
“In turn this will help build a competitive, sustainable and carbon efficient regional economy”.
CLCF´s research projects include the following:
Towards a Low Carbon, Climate Resilient Economy, a pilot project which is assessing the impacts of climate change and low carbon policies on the region´s economy and on organisations within it.
Balanced Green Supply Chain System, a pilot project which maps the supply chain, revealing how material flows through it and identifying carbon “hot spots”; by understanding where these are, supply chains can be remodelled to reduce carbon emissions.
Developing Biorenewable and Biorefining Capacity, a pilot project which is examining the further development of plants to minimize waste and to improve the extraction of useful chemicals through the biorefining of the feedstock.  
Optimisation of Oxygen Linked with Exhaust Gas Recirculation, a pilot project which is seeking to develop more efficient systems for the capture and removal of carbon from exhaust gases.  

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