UK, £20M Funding Boost to Continue to Train Staff in Yorkshire

The Yorkshire and Humber Enhancement Fund aimed to support businesses of different sizes and sectors to train and develop their staff is to receive a £20m funding boost.
The fund was set up a year ago to help a broader range of employers to access funding from the Learning and Skills Council (LSC), Yorkshire Forward and European Social Fund (ESF) to train their staff.
According to the figures from the Regional Development Agency Yorkshire Forward, the fund has successfully supported 6000 businesses of different sizes and sectors. In addition, to react to the economic climate, it has been well place to secure training for nearly 60 businesses and over 1300 individuals at risk of redundancy who were unable to access other types of funding.
As stated by Dockrat Ebrahim, Skills Development Director at the LSC, “the success of the Enhancement Fund to date means that we can commit a further £20m to extend the project into 2012, and will continue to work with our partners to keep the Enhancement Fund relevant to employers and to channel funding towards training that aids economic recovery and supports growth in the economy”.

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