Finland, Pihlajalinna Receives Majority Investment from Sentica Partners

Private equity investor Sentica Partners has acquired the majority of the shares in Tampere, Finland-based health care service provider Pihlajalinna Oy.
Founded in 2001, the company today employs some 300 general practitioners, specialists, nurses and other health care professionals to provide medical centre services, occupational health care, consultant services, outsourcing basic health care for towns and municipalities and hospital services.
The transaction creates a strong private health care service provider with sufficient resources to win major outsourcing projects and grow through acquisitions.
Commenting on the investment, Mikko Wirén, the company’s managing director, said: “The aim of the transaction is to create a solid platform for growth of our operations. Partnering with Sentica gives us new opportunities to grow and develop our services. In recent years we have heavily invested in developing our business and now with Sentica’s support we are better placed than ever before to offer a wide range of high quality health care services”.

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