Canada, DossierView Closes $750,000 Financing Round

DossierView Inc., an early stage software technology company, has closed a $750,000 financing round with First Leaside Visions II Limited Partnership.
According to a press release, it follows a funding round with Golden Triangle Angelnet that the company recently announced.
DossierView, which is based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada at the Accelerator Centre in the University of Waterloo’s Research & Technology Park, is leveraging a technology developed by Dr. Andrew Wong, a founder of the PAMI (Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence) Lab at the University of Waterloo in order to develop an intelligent search technology that promises to offer corporate and consumer users faster access to the most relevant information located on a desktop or on the Web.
Commenting on the round, Stephen Bacso, CEO of the company, was reported to say: “We’re incredibly excited about this financing round, which allows DossierView to further expand our development efforts. Our intelligent pattern analysis forms the foundation for Internet and Enterprise search technologies that make searching for information predictive and social.
“This is an important day for DossierView, and sends a positive message to technology entrepreneurs, who are actively seeking to commercialize and bring new technology offerings to the market”, he added.

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