UK, Reaxa Receives £146,191 Grant for Research and Development

Reaxa Limited, a Blackley, Manchester, UK-based provider of manufacturing process technologies for the fine chemicals, pharmaceutical and life science industries has received a £146,191 Grant for Research and Development (GRAND) from the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA).
Formed in 2005, the company sells catalysts and scavenger products that are used to enhance processes or recover metal residues from production processes.

The Grant for Research and Development, designed specifically to support innovative projects that have a solid commercial potential, will enable an 18-month project to take place.

This project, which will employ 13 people, is expected to allow the company to carry out the development work required on its new nickel EnCat™ catalyst and scale-up production to viable levels and produce the associated regulatory support file. If completed, the project will enable Reaxa to licence production to third parties for full-scale commercial manufacture.
Commenting on the funding, Dr Pete Jackson, CEO of Reaxa, said: “Receiving this GRAND support from the NWDA has been essential for us in taking forward our new nickel EnCat™ programme in a difficult economic environment, and will underpin three and a half full time scientific jobs in our company”. 
“We have already had significant interest from pharmaceutical companies on the back of our research results and this development project will allow us to get to the point of commercialisation, with an exciting new product that will make our customers’ drug manufacturing processes easier, safer and cleaner”. 

GRAND is part of Solutions for Business, the Government’s package of publicly funded business support designed to help companies start and grow. The Grant helps entrepreneurs and business owners introduce innovative products and processes, including research trials and product testing.



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