PlastiPure Receives $1.1M Grant from NIEHS

Austin, Texas-based PlastiPure announced that it received a $1.1m grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health and Safety (NIEHS).
PlastiPure creates and licenses new polymer formulations and plastic goods that are safer for consumers covering a wide range of applications for food and beverage, pet food, infant feeding, fitness, personal care, packaging, cosmetics, medical supply, pharmaceutical, toy, and other industries.
The proceeds from the grant will be used to continue development and commercialization of innovative materials and products that do not leach chemicals with harmful estrogenic activity (EA). Health issues associated with EA include birth defects, reproductive cancers and behavioral and learning disorders.
The company will also use the funds to develop, or improve through its partners, several additional colorants, clarifiers, antistatic agents and antioxidants that could be incorporated with resins to continue expanding its line of safer plastics.

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