Israeli Navajo Systems Receives Seed Financing

Navajo Systems, a developer of data encryption systems for cloud computing and SaaS applications, raised a seed financing from Israeli venture capital fund, JVP, through JVP Media Studio, its incubator.
Commenting on the funding, Dan Gross, CEO of Navajo Systems, said: “We are happy that JVP decided to go ahead and fund our early stage startup Navajo Systems.
“JVP not only provided the investment that will allow us to develop this exciting technology but the partners and team understand what it takes to bring innovative technologies to market, and we are confident they will be beside us the whole way.
“We also appreciated JVP’s quick, efficient and transparent pre-funding process”.
JVP Media Studio is the seed investment arm of JVP, which invests in early-stage startup companies in the fields of new media, enterprise software, mobile, Internet and gaming.
The incubator’s portfolio companies, which operate from the JVP Media Center in Jerusalem, benefit from close support by the Fund’s partners and from the synergetic collaborative environment at JVP.

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