France, CDC Entreprises Invests in Two Regional Funds

CDC Entreprises, a subsidiary of Caisse des Depots, a publicly-owned company serving general interest and the economic development of the country, invested in two funds, participating in the first closing of the Ouest Ventures Fund II and in the capital increase of Eurefi SCR.
CDC Enterprises committed €5.3m in the FCPR Ouest Ventures II, allowing its first closing at €21.3m. The fund aims to invest in high tech companies, mainly in Bretagne et Pays de la Loire. It will specialize in the post-creation and spin-out phases of companies operating in the IT and life sciences sectors.
The amount of the final closing of the fund will be between €30 and €50m.
Investors include, alongside CDC Enterprises, which operates under the FSI France Investissement, regional mutual banks, the Region of Brittany and the Region of Pays de la Loire, as well as individuals.
CDC Entreprises has also participated in the €2m capital increase of Eurefi amounting. Other investors include the State and Savings Bank, Luxembourg (BCEE), BGL BNP Paribas, Banque Populaire Lorraine-Champagne, Dexia, Institut régional de participation Ardenne Champagne (Irpac) and Société nationale de crédit et d’investissement (SNCI)-Luxemburg.
Luxembourg-based Eurefi SCR is a generalist firm aimed to invest amounts between €150.000 and €1.5m in SMEs operating in traditional sectors.

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