Catapult BioAccel Funds Arizona Early Stage Biotech Company Kemeta

Catapult BioAccel has announced a $200,000 grant of an Arizona-based Kemeta LLC, an early stage company developing a product for application in consumer health and medical markets.

Phoenix-based Catapult BioAccel, a nonprofit organization dedicated to translating life science discoveries into new business opportunities, is funding a portion of the activities that will advance the product development from its New Venture Development Program (NVDP).

Mesa, Ariz.-based Kemeta is developing a palm-size breath acetone analyzer that measures fat metabolism in a single breath. The company is collaborating with another Arizona company, Kronos Science Laboratories, to perform the clinical studies over the next several months.

Commenting on the grant, Dr. Joan Vrtis, CEO, president and founder of Kemeta, said: “The funding from Catapult BioAccel is pivotal for us in terms of obtaining the data necessary to validate product-use claims in advance of submittal to the FDA for approval, a critical stage in the commercialization process”. 



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