USA, Published H1N1 Preparedness Guide for Small Businesses

With the return of fall and winter, employers should be prepared to put strategies in place now to protect their employees and their businesses in advance from the outbreaks of H1N1 flu across the country.
On this purpose, Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Small Business Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Influenza Division published a preparedness guide to assist small businesses in planning for the H1N1 flu.
The guide offers employers information to help them plan for and respond flexibly to different levels of severity of an H1N1 outbreak, which may lead to absenteeism and may include restricted service capabilities and supply chain disruptions.
Included in the preparedness guide are tips on how to write a continuity of operations plan, steps for keeping employees healthy, frequently asked questions about the 2009 H1N1 flu and a list of additional resources that employers can access online.
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