Mayor Johnson Attracts US companies To London’s Olympic Park

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is calling for US companies to take advantage of the business investment opportunities developing at London’s Olympic Park with the Games less than three years away.
Particularly, Johnson invited US companies to register to CompeteFor, a business brokerage service for contracts associated with the Games (across many different sectors such as catering, logistics and construction) but also to invest in the business legacy of the Games. In fact, London has set up a company aimed to transform the Park, post Games, into a business district with renewed transport connections, 10,000 new homes, education and research facilities, thousands of square foot of retail and office space including a new Westfield Shopping Centre and stadiums for sporting and cultural events.
Johnson, who has been in New York since last Saturday, speaking at a reception for Think London’s business roadshow ‘Route to 2012’,  said: “What’s happening right now in London’s East End is a transformation of seismic proportions. It is the biggest regeneration project of its kind in Europe, and will be the epicentre for a wave of economic growth across London and the UK.
“For US companies it offers an unrivalled opportunity to invest in what will become the place to do business in London bringing much needed jobs and superb facilities to people in the capital”.

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