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Carbon Trust, £1.75m Business Support for new UK Clean Tech Innovators


The Carbon Trust is expanding its business incubation scheme to support the next generation of clean tech companies around the country.
The independent company set up in 2001 by the UK Government to accelerate the passage to a low carbon economy, is looking for 25 new businesses to join the scheme by the next year.
An up to £70,000 grant to each company will cover strategic and business development consultancy, advice on corporate finance, management team recruitment and mentoring, product development, market research and engagement and guidance on intellectual property protection.
The incubation scheme helps start-ups and spin-outs to attract major investors. To date, the 90 companies that have been incubated have raised around £86m in private funding.
To assist the scheme’s expansion, the Carbon Trust has selected the following expert early-stage business growth consultancies to deliver the incubation support:
– Angle Technology,
– CLT,
– Conduit Partners,
– E-Synergy,
– Isis Innovation,
– TTP.
To help scout for promising companies across the UK, a Carbon Trust Incubator Network has been established. The network includes:
– SETIC (East Kilbride),
– UMIC (Manchester),
– SETsquared (Bath),
– Life-IC (Rotherham),
– Imperial Innovations (London).